Life Cycle Lessons Bundle

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Enjoy watching two life cycles unfold simultaneously with our Life Cycle Lessons-- two cups of live caterpillars turn into butterflies, and two tubes of live larvae turn into ladybugs! Spark passion for life cycle learning and beneficial insects with this three week, immersive experience. 

Kids Love it! 

  • Two Immersive Three Week projects.
  • Compare and contrast both life cycles.
  • Endless learning opportunities.
  • Build lasting memories.
  • Proudly Grown in the USA.

Please Read Before you Grow

  • Comes with live caterpillars and live ladybug larvae
  • Our insects are sensitive to outdoor temperatures. We recommend postponing your order if daytime, outdoor temperatures are below 50 degrees or above 85 degrees in your area. If you live somewhere currently outside of this range, we recommend postponing your purchase.
  • We cannot ship live insects to Mexico, Canada, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, APO, FPO or DPO addresses.


  • Two cups of 5 baby caterpillars and all the food they need to grow into beautiful Painted Lady butterflies
  • Pop-up, reusable 12-inch-tall mesh habitat
  • Chrysalis Holding Log
  • Flower-shaped Butterfly Feeder
  • Sugar Packets to make butterfly nectar
  • Feeding Dropper
  • STEM Butterfly Journal with fun science, math and writing activities.
  • Caterpillar Instruction Guide
  • Ladybug Land Domed Habitat
  • Ladybug Larvae Quick Guide
  • Ladybug STEM Journal with fun science, math and writing activities.
  • Built-in magnifying lid for up-close ladybug observation
  • Water reservoir “volcano” keeps thirsty ladybugs happy
  • Two Tubes of 10 to 15 ladybug larvae each
  • Watering Dropper

 Insect Lore, the Original Butterflies-by-Mail Company®, guarantees that at least 3 out of 5 caterpillars will become butterflies and 5 out of 10-15 ladybug larvae will become adult ladybugs. You can learn more about the Insect Lore Guarantee here. 


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