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Butterfly Garden Habitat, STEM Activity Journal, Cup of Caterpillars, Purple Butterfly Feeder, Sugar Packets, Nectar Dropper, Chrysalis Holding Log

Wait to Grow!
Easter Gift Basket 

Ant Mountain Habitat, Ant STEM Journal, Tube of Live Ants, Bag of Sand, Sand Rod

Ant Mountain with 

Voucher for Live Ants $27.99

Ladybug Land Habitat, Ladybug STEM Journal, Tube of Ladybug Larvae, Water Dropper

Ladybug Land with 

Prepaid Voucher $37.99

Cup of Caterpillars

Butterfly Garden with Live
Cup of Caterpillars $29.99

Tube of Ladybug Larvae for Ladybug Land Habitat

33 Pavilion School Kit with Live Caterpillars $79.99

Tube of Ants for Ant Mountain Habitat

Ladybug Land with Tube of 

Live Ladybug Larvae $34.99

About Insect Lore

We’ve been sharing the magic of metamorphosis with children, families, and schools for over 50 years.  

We’re 98% women owned and are a diverse team of colleagues and growers. 

As parents ourselves, we know you want to enrich the lives of your children; we'll help you make science easy, unforgettable, and fun!

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