Giant Butterfly Garden® With Voucher

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This giant-sized version of Insect Lore’s popular Butterfly Garden® With Voucher includes an 18-inch tall habitat.  

Watch your caterpillars transform, then release your butterflies to continue their amazing life cycle and pollinate our world. This science kit also includes Painted Lady Butterfly Life Cycle Stages - the perfect educational complement to your butterfly-raising project.


  • A voucher to redeem at your convenience for 5 baby caterpillars and nutritious food. Just pay $7.95 for shipping and your caterpillars will arrive at your door within 2 to 3 days
  • Pop-up, reusable 18-inch mesh butterfly habitat
  • Chrysalis Holding Log- this item arrives with your live caterpillars when you redeem your voucher
  • Set of Butterfly Life Cycle Stages
  • Feeding dropper
  • Caterpillar Quick Guide with thoughtful instructions (you can also download the guide here)
  • READ ME insert with helpful caterpillar-raising tips

Insect Lore, the Original Butterflies by Mail Company®, guarantees that at least 3 out of 5 caterpillars will become butterflies.

Please note: this item does not contain live caterpillars.

We cannot ship live insects to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Mexico or Canada.

Ages 4+


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