Butterfly Pavilion® Habitat

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Insect Lore's 2 foot tall Butterfly Pavilion® Habitat is a stunning butterfly aviary for the home or classroom.

  • Breathable, soft mesh makes this habitat an airy sanctuary for your beautiful butterflies.
  • Habitat only. No butterflies included.

Need to Know

  • Lightweight, roomy and reusable
  • Keeps butterflies or any other insects safe inside until you are ready to set them free
  • Hangs conveniently from strap
  • Stands on a counter top, desk or table.
  • Zippered closures at the top and side allows for convenient feeding and releasing of your insects
  • Easy to clean - just hang to dry
  • Collapse it flat for storage and pop it open when you are ready to use it again!

Order a Cup of Caterpillars for your habitat here.

Ages 4+
SKU# 1880





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