Backyard Explorer Bundle

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Just in time for summer, it's the Backyard Explorer Bundle! Comes with everything you need to catch, study, and release friendly bugs. With six special items that will help your budding entomologist contain and examine insects, it's a great excuse to head outside and discover something new. Get out there and start exploring!

Kids Love it

  • Three ways to keep your bugs safe and contained (Best Ever Bug Jar, Pop Up Port a Bug, and Little Bug Keeper)! 
  • Insect Lore Kid's Cap keeps sunshine out of exploring eyes.
  • Get a closer look at your insect friends with magnifying features. 
  • Perfect summertime activity.


  • Dress Up Painted Lady Butterfly Wings
  • Pop Up Port a Bug 8" mesh habitat.
  • Butterfly Net
  • Best Ever Bug Jar
  • Butterfly Magnifier
  • Little Bug Keeper. 



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