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No, the few male drones live to mate with the queen and then die soon after mating.

Ants evolved 150 million years ago, during the Cretaceous Period. They roamed the earth alongside the dinosaurs!

There are over 10,000 species of ants worldwide.

Ants live on every continent except for Antarctica and some uninhabited islands.

Ants are omnivores.  They eat plants, other insects, birds, fungi, and animals. 

A group of ants is called a “colony” or an “army".

Ants belong to the order Hymenoptera, which also includes wasps and bees. 

Yes, ants are very intelligent. They have the largest insect brain relative to their size and a very complex social structure.

Ants can lift 50 times their own body weight! 

Yes! Drones (male ants) and queens (female ants) have wings before mating. After they mate, they lose their wings!

An alate is an insect similar to an ant that has wings during its reproductive phase. Once the insect breeds, the wings fall off and the insect becomes wingless.

Yes! Like most insects, ants have a skeleton on the outside of their body called an "Exoskeleton".

No, the ants should remain within Ant Mountain for the entirety of their life cycle. Without a queen, they will not survive outside to form their own colony. Their life cycle within Ant Mountain should last 2-4 weeks.

Yes! Insect Lore does not offer ant refills, but you can order them online through Life Studies at or 

Toll Free Phone:1-877-864-2207 (USA)
FAX: 1-435-635-9005

A queen ant can live up to 28 years! Some female ants live for approximately 10 years.

It is best to place Ant Mountain in a quiet, secure spot where everyone can have a clear view of the habitat. You don’t want to disturb your ants while they are busy building their rooms and tunnels.

Yes, the ants depend on you for their food. Place a tiny piece of carrot or apple in Ant Mountain. It should be about the size of a popcorn kernel. Once the food has disappeared, replace it with a fresh piece. Do not overfeed.

Yes, the dome of the Ant Mountain provides enough air for their tiny lungs.

No, do not open Ant Mountain to touch your ants. Harvester Ants may bite, sting, or even escape.

No, unfertile female worker ants populate your anthill. 

The queen is in charge of repopulating the ant colony. She is the mother of every ant that lives there!

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