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Live Praying Mantis Egg Case


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Our Live Praying Mantis Egg Cases are back in stock for a limited time! 

See 75 to 200 baby mantises, or nymphs, emerge from a Praying Mantis Egg Case! Once they hatch, release all but one or two praying mantises, since they are predators and might eat their weaker siblings. Feed the remaining praying mantises aphids or fruit flies. As they grow, you can switch to larger fare like flies and crickets.

Praying mantises are fascinating insects; they can turn their heads 180 degrees and their excellent eyesight detects movement up to 60 feet away. Some mantises will become tame enough to accept food from your fingers!

Feed and observe your praying mantises for a short while, then release them in your garden to forage for pests. To find out more tips on caring for your praying mantises, check out our Praying Mantis FAQ

Please be sure daytime temperatures are 55 degrees Fahrenheit or above when you release your mantidsEgg cases are available now to the end of June, while supplies last.  Allow 3 to 10 weeks to hatch. Your egg case will hatch more quickly if you place it in a warm environment. Do not place in direct sunlight. 

Egg Cases sold individually. Praying Mantis Quick Guide is included. Food for the hatchlings not included.

Delivery of live egg cases is limited to destinations within the continental USA. We cannot ship to Mexico, Puerto Rico, Hawaii or Canada.

Our escape-proof  Pop Up Port-A-Bug  makes a great egg case habitat!

Ages 4+ with adult supervision

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I recommend this product for every parent to enjoy this experience with their children.

This is a very intriguing item, very educational for children and lots of fun to watch as the insects go through the metamorphosis stage. My son and my daughter both enjoyed this item a lot.




Review by Tina Kelly Posted on 2/27/2018

Years purchasing still for a 15 yeard old

We have been buying these casings and the caterpillar for about five years now. My son is going to be 15 and he still likes to watch these hatch. Last summer he found a full grown one in the yard. He was about 4 inches long. Very cool.




Review by mom Posted on 3/30/2017

awesome worth every penny

Bought these 2 years now , wonderful to watch very educational last year they hatched during my sons birthday party, that was a special event!!




Review by al Posted on 3/19/2016

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Live Praying Mantis Egg Case