The Butterfly Proboscis

January 15, 2020 1 min read

The Butterfly Proboscis

Did you know that butterflies don't chew food like some other insects? They get all the nutrients they need by sipping nectar, water, fruit, and even tree sap through a long, tube-like appendage called a "Proboscis". 

Due to its shape, you may think a butterfly's proboscis works like a straw. Though it is shaped like a tube, the proboscis works more like a combination of a straw and a sponge, absorbing liquids rather than just drinking it! The proboscis' length and its pointed tip make it the perfect tool for drinking the tasty nectar out of a variety of different flowers! That's not all: when not in use, the proboscis stays tightly coiled against the butterfly's head.

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