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  • Cup of Caterpillars PREPAID Voucher

    Cup of Caterpillars PREPAID Voucher

    This is a good option only if you are not sure when you will be ready to receive and raise your butterfly larvae. This option includes the additional cost for shipping and handling the larvae later.

    Please note: This product is a REFILL VOUCHER ONLY. Be sure to provide a habitat in which to hatch your butterflies. If you don't have one, you may wish to order our Butterfly Garden Habitat Only.

    Insect Lore guarantees that 3 of the 5 caterpillars will become healthy adult butterflies.


  • School Kit PREPAID Refill Voucher

    School Kit PREPAID Refill Voucher

    This Live Butterfly Paviion School Kit Refill is ideal for those teachers and educators who already have the Butterfly Pavilion Habitat and want to experience the Miracle of Metamorphosis with their students year after year. Give every student the gift of a butterfly! Once you redeem this certificate, it includes 33 caterpillars and all of the nutritious food they need to develop into beautiful Painted Lady Butterflies. 33 small vials are also provided so each child can carefully house and observe his or her very own caterpillar.

    PLEASE NOTE** This product is a REFILL CERTIFICATE Only. The habitat is not included. Be sure to provide a Butterfly Pavilion Habitat in which to house your butterflies.  No additional fee is required when redeeming this certificate.

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