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Butterfly Garden With 2 Live Cups of Caterpillars


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Conditions are safe to ship insects from our facility in California.
Check temperatures in your area. Please ensure that daytime temperatures are 55 degrees fahrenheit or above at time of release. Some areas of the US may be too cold to raise and release insects now.
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This butterfly kit now includes two Deluxe Chrysalis Stations and an Insect Lore Butterfly Feeder!

During this time of year, it is important to monitor weather conditions in your area. Daytime temperatures should be over 55 degrees Fahrenheit to safely release your butterflies.

Identical to our Butterfly Garden, but with more caterpillars!

When 5 caterpillars just aren't enough, you can choose the Butterfly Garden With 2 Cups of Live Caterpillars. This kit is identical to our signature Butterfly Garden in every way, except you will receive 10 caterpillars rather than the usual 5.

 Butterfly Garden With 2 Cups of Live Caterpillars Includes:

  • 11.5" Tall Reusable Pop-Up Habitat (folds flat when not in use)

  • Super clear mesh to enable up close butterfly viewing

  • Feeding Pipette

  • Caterpillars to Butterflies Instruction Guide

  • 2 cups of 5 live caterpillars - that's 10 caterpillars in total!

Your caterpillars arrive with all the nutritious food they need to grow into gorgeous Painted Lady Butterflies. Watch them eat, spin silk, and grow to 10 times their original size! When your caterpillars have finished growing and develop into chrysalides, move them to the airy butterfly habitat and watch for the magical moment of emergence. Then observe and feed your butterflies until it is time to let them fly away. 

Please note: This kit contains live insects.

Shipping: Live caterpillars are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship live caterpillars to Hawaii.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 4 and up with adult supervision.

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Students absolutely loved!

Amazing experience.




Review by Mrs.Win Posted on 10/20/2016

Great lots of fun for a class or family.

Great so much fun! This is Avery cool thing for all ages, my experience with insect lore has been great.




Review by Love butterflies 1023 Posted on 6/20/2016

We just grew our own painted lady butterflies in my Preschool/Pre-K classroom! The students absolutely LOVED watching every step of this beautiful life cycle! In fact, the whole building would stop by our classroom to see the progress. This was such a gre

Wonderful learning experience!




Review by Ms. Erica Posted on 4/19/2016

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Butterfly Garden With 2 Live Cups of Caterpillars