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Ant Hill


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Harvester Ants Direct to Your Door

Our ants are gathered by Ant Wranglers in the hills of the American Southwest! Once you have purchased your Live Ant Hill, redeem the enclosed certificate to receive your ants. Please note that Insect Lore does not supply the ants for your Live Ant Hill. Instead, send your certificate to our partners at Life Studies (490 S 400 W, Hurricane Utah, 84737). Your vial of 25 (or 50) harvester ants will arrive at your door within 2 to 3 weeks.

The Live Ant Hill Includes:

  • Two-sided viewing habitat with safe and escape-proof, locking lid

  • Special “easy dig’ sand

  • Sand rod to help ants get tunnels started

  • Certificate to redeem an Ant Hill supply of 25 harvester ants by mail An additional $4 fee ($5.00 Canadian) for shipping and handling your vial of ants is required when you redeem your certificate. Your ants are guaranteed to arrive alive.

  • Or, you may choose to redeem your certificate for a Super Supply of 50 harvester ants. An additional $6 fee ($7.00 Canadian) for shipping and handling your vial of ants is required when you redeem your certificate.

  • Live Ant Hill Instructions and Activity Guide

Watch Your Hard Working Ants Dig Elaborate Tunnels

Now anyone can become a myrmecologist (a person who studies ants) with the Live Ant Hill! The Live Ant Hill is perfect for the home and classroom and allows you to observe your busy ants as they build their subterranean tunnels and chambers.

Escape Proof and Easy to Maintain

The safe and escape proof design of the Live Ant Hill ensures that ants will stay safely where they belong!  Please do not place ants that you may find outdoors in this ant habitat. It is specifically designed for larger Harvester Ants. Ants you may find locally will be smaller and will likely escape the Live Ant Hill.

You’ll have to place your habitat in a safe, permanent place where it can be viewed easily but not moved. If the habitat is jostled it may disturb the ants’ tunneling.  Your ants will require a tiny bit of celery, carrot or apple (about the size of a popcorn kernel) every three days for 25 ants. They also need a couple of drops of water every third or fourth day.

Your ants will weave a tapestry of tunnels and chambers in the Live Ant Hill. Watch them excavate sand on one side of the habitat and then climb up on the other side. Ants are very social, cooperative creatures and communicate with each other by touching antennae when they meet. Do you see them “talking” to each other?

If temperatures are extremely cold or hot (below 32 degress Fahrenheit or above 100 degrees Fahrenheit), please allow extra time for delivery.

Harvester Ants will live 2 to 4 weeks in the Live Ant Hill.

An Educational Kit You Can Use Again and Again

You’ll need fresh sand and more ants if you’d like to enjoy the Live Ant Hill experience again. Order your Live Ant Hill Refill here.

Ants can be found on every continent except ANTarctica!

Discover more fun ant facts and information by visiting our Ant FAQ.

Recommended for ages 8 and up with adult supervision.

Please note: Due to shipping restrictions, live ants cannot be shipped to Oregon or Hawaii.


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Really great and fun! Totally worth it!

This is really fun and we really enjoy it! It is fun, educational, and teaches responsibility. We reccomend it to everyone!




Review by Felix Posted on 11/19/2015

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Ant Hill