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Ladybug Larvae Refill

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See ladybug larvae eat, grow and change into adult Pink-Spotted ladybugs!  Insect Lore’s Ladybug Larvae Refill includes 10 to 12 ladybug larvae (numbers may vary) and all of the nutritious food they need to develop into friendly ladybugs. Use them to restock your Live Ladybug Land!

Insect Lore provides two options when you order your Ladybug Larvae Refill. Choose to either receive your ladybug larvae (baby ladybugs) NOW or order a Ladybug Larvae Refill Certificate, which allows you to redeem your larvae LATER.

Please note: This product is a REFILL and includes a tube with ladybug larvae and food ONLY. Be sure to provide a Ladybug Land Habitat in which to house your ladybug larvae.

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Live Ladybug Larvae Refill (#02380N)
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Choose the Best Option For You

This Ladybug Larvae Refill is a REFILL for your Live Ladybug Land. It includes the ladybug larvae and food ONLY. The Ladybug Larvae Refill is perfect for those customers who already have a Ladybug Land Habitat and wish to experience the Miracle of Metamorphosis NOW! So if you have a habitat and are ready to raise your baby ladybugs, you’ll want to order the Ladybug Larvae Refill for immediate delivery.

If you do not have a Live Ladybug Land Habitat yet or you just want to postpone ordering your live ladybug larvae until you are ready, simply order the Ladybug Larvae Refill Certificate. Insect Lore will send you a certificate that allows you to redeem your baby ladybugs online or by mail when you are prepared to receive them.

Here’s What You Get With the Ladybug Larvae Refill:

  • A tube of 10 to 12 live ladybug larvae (numbers may vary) with all the nutritious food they need to grow into friendly adult Pink Spotted Ladybugs
  • Complete Instructions

Easy to Raise and Maintain

Your ladybug larvae will arrive at your door in a plastic shipping tube complete with nutritious food and instructions.  Be sure you are available to accept and open the package immediately. You should already have a Ladybug Land Habitat in which to house your baby ladybugs.

Remove the magnification cap from your ladybug habitat and place a few drops of water on the sponge in the middle of the crater. You will need to keep this sponge moist (but not saturated!) to provide water for your larvae at all times. Then sprinkle the ladybug larvae and the food from the shipping tube into the Ladybug Land. Your baby ladybugs will have all the food they need to grow into healthy adult ladybugs. Watch as they eat, grow and explore their environment.

The Miracle of Metamorphosis

Your ladybug larvae will eat, grow and molt for about a week to 10 days. Once they have stored enough energy, they will attach themselves to the walls and floor of their habitat to begin the pupal stage of their lives. After approximately 5 days, the adult ladybugs will emerge from the pupas. At this point, your adult ladybugs will rely on you to provide their food. Simply soak one or two raisins in water for about 5 minutes and then blot them on a paper towel.  Cut them in half and drop them in the Ladybug Land Habitat. That’s it!  Repeat once the raisins have disappeared and be sure that your ladybugs are always supplied with water.  If you have any plants outdoors that may be bothered by aphids, you might drop a few aphid-infested leaves in the habitat as well. Ladybugs love to eat aphids!

Time to Free Your Ladybugs!

Children often become attached to their ladybugs, but it is best to release them within a week of their emergence from the pupas. Take the habitat outdoors, remove the dome and your children will experience the special joy of setting their ladybugs free.

Follow these suggestions if you would like your ladybugs to remain in your garden:

  • Try to release them in the early morning when temperatures have reached at least 55 degrees Fahrenheit.
  • Before you let your ladybugs go, lightly mist your plants and flowers with water to provide a natural place for thirsty ladybugs to drink.
  • Look for plants that are infested with ladybugs’ favorite food -aphids, whiteflies, thrips, or any soft-bodied insect. Be sure to release your ladybugs near this food source.
  • Ladybugs like to live under rocks, roots and logs, so it is helpful to release them near these hiding places as well!

Watch the Ladybug Life Cycle Again!

Ladybug Larvae Refills are available here.

Once ladybugs emerge from their pupas, it can take about 12 hours for their spots to appear.

There’s so much more to learn about Ladybug Metamorphosis. Be sure to visit our Ladybug FAQ and our in-depth Live Ladybug Land Instructions


Recommended for Ages 4 and Up With Ault Supervision.

  • Experience the Miracle of Metamorphosis again with the Ladybug Larvae Refill.
  • Use this item to restock your Live Ladybug Land.
  • This product comes with a shipping tube of 10 to 12 ladybug larvae (numbers may vary), food and complete instructions ONLY.
  • In depth Live Ladybug Land Instructions are available here.
  • Please be sure to provide a Ladybug Land Habitat in which to house your ladybug larvae.
  • An educational and unforgettable experience for ages 4 and up.
  • Watch your baby ladybugs eat, grow, harden into pupas and then transform into friendly Adult Pink-Spotted Ladybugs.
  • Insect Lore guarantees that 5 of the 10 to 12 ladybug larvae will successfully metamorphose into adult ladybugs.
  • It is important to release your ladybugs when temperatures are above 55 degrees Fahrenheit. If temperatures are below 55 degrees, keep your ladybugs indoors in their habitat for their entire life cycle.
  • Live ladybug larvae are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship ladybug larvae to Hawaii.
  • Be prepared to receive shipment of your live ladybug larvae. Shipments must be opened upon receipt. To ensure the survival of your baby ladybugs, do not leave live shipments unattended.
  • It is best to have your live shipments sent to a building, where temperatures are controlled, rather than to an outdoor mailbox.
  • At Insect Lore, the safety and well being of your live insects is of utmost importance. For this reason, shipping may be delayed if temperatures are extreme.
  • Our Ladybug Life Cycle Stages are a useful educational complement to the Live Ladybug Land.



Weight: 0.00 lbs

Shipping: Live ladybug larvae are shipped to destinations within the Continental USA and Alaska. We cannot ship live larvae to Hawaii.

Manufacturer Recommended Age: 4 and up with adult supervision

  1. Excellent! Review by Rita - Sarasota, FL

    I'm a kg teacher and I purchase these every year for my class. I/they absolutely LOVE them! It's fascinating to watch them go thru their life cycle first hand!! My families look forward to these every year!! (Posted on 3/22/14)

  2. Very cool! Review by Beaner - Shrewsbury, NJ

    We did this twice over the summer months. Our entire family loved watching the ladybugs! A very high percentage -- may all -- of the larvae became ladybugs. After watching them for about a week, we released them into our vegetable garden. Highly recommended. (Posted on 11/29/13)

  3. Ladybugs Review by Tammy - 03867, NH

    They came quickly and all developed and hatched. They were wonderful to watch. (Posted on 5/15/13)

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