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Butterfly Questions - What can I do to ensure the survival of my caterpillars?


What can I do to ensure the survival of my caterpillars?
  1. Monitor the weather conditions in your local area, the ideal temperature to receive your caterpillars is above 55 and below 90 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Try to have your caterpillars sent to an indoor mailbox, where temperatures are controlled, rather than to an outdoor mailbox, where temperatures can be extreme.
  3. Do not leave your Cup of Caterpillars unattended in a mailbox.
  4. Be aware if your package’s destination has been sprayed for insects.
  5. Do not expose your caterpillars to dramatic changes in temperature. 
  6. If temperatures vary greatly from daytime to nighttime, place a towel over the Cup of Caterpillars  in the evening.
  7. Do not place your Cup of Caterpillars in a window or in direct sunlight.
  8. Be sure to remove all silk and frass from the chrysalides before transferring them to the butterfly habitat. If this step is ignored, the butterfly may become entangled in the silk upon emergence, resulting in deformed wings and death.

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